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Beomni 1.0 Human Robot Review


After its recent unveiling at the CES 2022 or the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Beomni 1.0 Human Robot caused a clamor in the AI world. Why is that so? For it was at the CES 2022 that we first learned that the Beomni 1.0 robot is the first fully functional general-purpose robotic system in the world that assists humans with a wide-ranging general array of tasks.

“If we can move human talent around the world instantly by occupying a robot, there’s an unlimited number of things you can do,” says Harry Kloor the Founder and CEO of the US-based firm Beyond Imagination, the company that built Beomni. With such a statement, let’s take a closer look at Beomni the future of robots in this review.

About the Beomni 1.0 Robot

ManufacturerBeyond Imagination
Model NameBeomni 1.0
FeaturesSensing, haptic communication, object recognition, navigation, safety, learning by observation, planning and scheduling, multi-tasking, quality control

The Beomni 1.0 robot boasts a revolutionary brain powered by advanced artificial intelligence and technology that allows it to perform skills and jobs beyond imagination. Fittingly, its manufacturer is named Beyond Imagination, and with a reputation as one of the world’s leading companies in developing autonomous general-purpose AI for physical work, this is one humanoid robot that is like no other in this world.

Almost human-like, Beomni can learn manufacturing tasks to delicate tasks thanks to its powerful AI brain that can learn by observation. It will first aim to master individual jobs before it learns how to carry out an entire profession to effectively assist humans.

What Makes the Beomni 1.0 Robot So Special?

The human-like Beomni sets itself apart from plenty of robots for several reasons. First and foremost, the high-level learning AI capabilities of the Beomni allow it to have immense potential both in manual and skilled-labor jobs. From working in agriculture to assisting in medical services, the Beomni can take these on with perhaps a notch higher than the average person. With such a cutting-edge AI brain and trust in its robotic system, it was unveiled during CES 2022 that there are plans to bring Beomni into space to assist in space construction missions.

The second reason that makes the Beomni so special is its opposable thumbs. It may not seem a lot but these thumbs help make the human-like Beomni more capable in carrying out manual labor jobs such as lifting 15.88kg of weight per arm to jobs that require a bit more finesse such as pinching salt when cooking.

Features of the Beomni 1.0

At CES 2022, Beomni showed off a lot of great features. While we can list down all of them, we have summarized the three main features that make the Beomni a category of its own.

Artificial Intelligence Enabled Robot – Trademarked Beomni AI Brain

Perhaps one of the things that makes the Beomni come to life is its trademarked AI brain. It allows the Beomni to learn jobs and things almost like a human’s brain.

Using such revolutionary and cutting-edge technology, the Beomni AI brain has 10 key features:

  1. Sensing
  2. Haptic communication
  3. Object recognition
  4. Navigation
  5. Safety
  6. Learning by observation
  7. Planning and scheduling
  8. Multi-tasking
  9. Quality control

Remote Work Capabilities

Knowing how the demands and landscape of our world if ever-changing, the Beomni aims to adapt to it. With capabilities that allow it to function even through remote working, this humanoid can be human-piloted. This allows the Beomni to be controlled from anywhere in the world and perform missions that may be dangerous for people to carry out e.g. space construction missions with environmental stressors, laborious jobs, etc.

While it was mentioned at CES 2022 that the Beomni is better assisted by an operator, it is still definitely hi-tech and advanced enough to learn progressively.

Sensing and Responsiveness

The Beomni AI can sense its environment and even respond to what is happening around it. This allows the Beomni to perform its job accordingly and react to any changes in real-time.

Since the Beomni has haptic feedback, its sensors also allow it to perform certain jobs that require finesse and work alongside us. The sensors allow for the Beomni to replicate the sense of touch.

As it learns by observation, the Beomni has a learning process that is accelerated as compared to most robots. Its object recognition is impressive enough for it to also carry out a specific task wherein it will require choosing and using tools with precision and accuracy.

Pros and Cons of Beomni 1.0

✔️ Trademarked AI brain
✔️ Scalable work and role opportunities
✔️ Opposable thumbs and four wheels
✖️ Still learning to be fully autonomous
✖️ Expensive

What People Are Saying About the Beomni 1.0

 Unlike cybermen from Dr. Who, the Beomni aims to assist us — and people seem to not be afraid of it. From making a great impression at CES 2022 to steadily gaining a positive reputation in the industry and beyond, Beomni shows a lot of promise.

“It is so nimble it can pick up a pinch of salt, but is strong enough to lift up to 30kg (4st 10lb). While at first it is controlled remotely by humans, its AI brain will ultimately learn how to carry out tasks independently.”


How Much Does It Cost?

In an interview with Daily Mail, Kloor stated that the price range of the Beomni is around $148,000. However, the company is aiming to enter a mass production stage, which will drive down the price to an estimated $67,000.

Beomni 1.0

As far as AI and robotics go, the Beomni 1.0 is one of the most revolutionary humanoids out there. Instead of focusing on mobility and humanoid features, the Beomni zoned in on its most powerful tool — the Beomni AI brain.

The cutting-edge technology allows the Beomni to have scalable opportunities that are beyond what the usual bots can do thus, presenting itself as a leader in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best human robot?

Aside from the Beomni, there are plenty more human bots being created by companies. Hailing which of the best human robots can be subjective but among the list are Sophia by Hanson, Amelia, and Digit.

What is the most advanced bot right now?

Currently, the most advanced bot in the market is the Ameca by Engineered Arts. This human-shaped bot can strike a Q&A session with any person, move, talk, and express a range of emotions all with the help of AI technology.

How much do human-sized robots cost?

Generally, human-sized robots would often cost $20,000 to $50,000. The price range would vary depending on the manufacturer, appearance, technology used, and the bots’ capabilities.



The Beomni 1.0 Human Robot is equipped with an advanced robotic system that is the first of its kind. The AI-enabled robot can assist humans with a ride ranging general array of tasks that is beyond our imagination of what robots can do.

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