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If you’re looking for one of the best cheap robot pets, then look no further than the Electronic Pet Dog Harry! This robot pet dog can walk, sing, dance, and glide for endless fun and entertainment — and all for a price that won’t break the bank.

Read our full review of the Electronic Pet Dog Harry and see why and what makes this adorable spotted robot pup worth the buy.

About the Electronic Pet Dog Harry

Electronic Pet Dog Harry Review
ManufacturerWEofferwhatYOUwant (www Limited)
Model NameElectronic Pet Dog Harry
Cartoon CharacterHarry
Dimensions5 x 5 x 8 inches
Weight Specifications13.4 ounces
Batteries3 AA batteries
Recommended Age24 months – 7 years
Special FeaturesResponds to touch, makes dog sounds, and can move

The Electronic Pet Dog Harry is a highly ranked and reviewed robot dog manufactured by WEofferwhatYOUwant. On Amazon alone, the Electronic Pet Dog Harry has been ranked in their Top 100 in Toys & Games list, Electronic Pets list, and Pre-Kindergarten Toys list — and rightly so as this robot dog checks out a lot of boxes.

Affordable as the Electronic Pet Dog Harry may be, this robot dog does not skimp on the fun features you may want and expect from a robot pet. It walks, barks, talks, sings, and can even do a dance. Just like a real dog, Harry can also make realistic dog sounds to make its owner giggle and laugh.

The Electronic Pet Dog Harry can also encourage interactive play as it has a Bump n’ Go feature that allows it to move on smooth surfaces. Plus with batteries already included, Harry is ready to play as soon as you get it!

Electronic Pet Dog Harry Benefits

Electronic Pet Dog Harry Review


The Electronic Pet Dog Harry may be more simple than other robot pets but it doesn’t mean it lacks in the interactive features department. As soon as you press Harry’s power button, this friendly robot pup will greet you by saying, “Hello, I am Harry! I want to be your friend. Can we play together?” followed by a quick strut while singing a short song.

However, the fun starts when you start exploring all the features and interactive games of Harry. It’s a touch-sensitive robot pet as it has sensors on its head, under the tail (backside), and a blue spot found on its top back, nose, and tail. Pat its head and it might sing you some famous nursery rhymes, give its backside a rub and it might let out a “fart” shortly followed by an apology and laugh, tap its blue spot to start a game of chase, give its nose a boop and it will start talking, and pull its tail and it will run away.

Aside from all the sensor prompts, Harry has a Bump n’ Go feature that will allow it to move forward when placed on a flat surface. Interactive features such as the Bump N’ Go and sensors also make the Electronic Pet Dog Harry an ideal toy for kids in the spectrum.

Easy Maintenance

As the Electronic Pet Dog Harry is made out of plastic material, cleaning and maintenance of this robot dog is easy. Give it a quick clean by wiping it with a fresh towel and it’s as good as new! The plastic material also makes it sturdy and durable, even when Harry gets tossed or thrown around. However, do still give it some TLC as this robot dog may still get damaged.

It also makes use of 3 AA batteries as its power source, which is quite easy to purchase. Once it runs low on energy, then one can easily replace the batteries so the fun and play may continue!


Compared to most robot pets and robot dogs, the Electronic Pet Dog Harry is one affordable toy! For all the fun features and practical benefits listed above, the Electronic Pet Dog Harry would cost a starting price of $21.99. This makes Harry one of the most affordable robot pets out there, and it sure does not skimp on features for one to have fun with.

Pros and Cons of the Electronic Pet Dog Harry

✔️ Touch-sensitive
✔️ Has different tricks such as barking, walking, singing, and dancing
✔️ Easy maintenance
✔️ Affordable
✖️ Does not look like a realistic dog
✖️ No voice commands feature

What People Are Saying About It

For an affordable robot pet, the Electronic Pet Dog Harry sure packs a lot of fun and features. This makes it a great pick for your first robot dog and entry to the robot pet world.

“The Harry Electronic Pet Dog Touch Response is our best robot dog and it can be your pet toy dog or one for your kids because he is adorable. It is a touch sensitive pet dog that is also an educational toy for the children.”


Where to Buy the Electronic Pet Dog Harry

Electronic Pet Dog Harry Review

The Electronic Pet Dog Harry certainly has a lot of packed features considering the affordable price it comes with. If you want to get your hands on your own, then check out this great deal!

Electronic Pet Dog Harry Review

Electronic Pet Dog Harry

Meet the Electronic Pet Dog Harry — an affordable robot pet dog that does not cut back on features, benefits, and fun!

It has all the features you would expect a toy dog to have such as the ability to walk, bark, and talk but also has advanced technology that robot pets come with such as sensors, touch-sensitive, and the unique Bump n’ Go.



The Electronic Pet Dog Harry may be an affordable robot dog but it's one pet that can give its owner hours of fun and interactive play. With features that encourage interaction and a rather simple power-and-play system, Harry is one robot pet that is all fun and no fuss.

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