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Fisca Remote Control Dog Review


It’s no secret that robot dogs offer a wide array of benefits. Much like a real dog, a robotic dog can provide friendship, warmth, and physical engagement for owners of all ages, whether it’s a kid or a senior. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of taking care of a real puppy or the responsibility that comes along with it. For these people, robotic dogs and other pet toys can be a wonderful substitute. Since their invention, these robot toys have evolved from simple toys to intelligent gadgets capable of emulating real dogs’ behavior.

The Fisca Robotic Dog is an intelligent robotic dog. In fact, it’s one of our picks for the best robot dog toy guide, and it’s also our top performer for the best robot pets of the year. Find out why it’s such a popular toy robot in our full detailed review.

About the Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog

Model NameFisca Remote Control Robotic Dog Toy
Dimensions11.42 x 10.2 x 6.77 inches
Weight1.65 pounds
Batteries1 Lithium ion battery (Included)

The Fisca Toy Dog includes multiple stunts and tricks, easy touch induction, a programming function, remote control, and a dancing function. It’s also crafted with high-quality materials, high-quality plastic, and a good power-saving function so your kids’ playtime lasts twice as long.

It’s also easy for children and kids of all ages to play with. They just have to touch the dog’s head or legs and it will start moving, playing different music, doing a lovely dance, and other cute moves that any kid is sure to adore.

The toy robot is large enough to be lifelike, while only weighing 1 ½ pounds. Its accessories include one remote control, and its batteries are also included. 

Fisca’s Remote Control Robot Dog Toy Features

Thinking of getting your kid their very own lovely robotic dog? Start your search with one of the best toys right now. Let’s get to know this intelligent robot toy and all of its features and why it’s a great gift for your kid this holiday season.

Interaction Function

There’s a reason why robot dogs, even though they are simple toys, are so engaging. This is because they are highly interactive with kids. That way, kids can feel like they’re playing with a life being that barks, walks, sits, and listens to them. 

Children of all ages are sure to enjoy an interactive toy such as this one. Not only is the movement of the toy patterned after real dogs, but so is the sound of the toy. Kids can interact and play with the puppy for hours on end.

With its interaction function, all you have to do is a simple touch-head motion. This touch-head motion is also known as touch induction. The touch induction activates all the fun features on the robot toy in the first play. Watch as your kids command the toy to move forward, and backward, do a head spin, blast music, and make sounds.

All actions can also be accessed through the remote control that comes with the toy, which is a handy feature that can help younger kids who might find other functions too complicated without adult supervision.

Intelligent Robotic Dog Toy

Apart from its responsiveness and the ability to play music, this robot dog toy is quite smart, and that in turn encourages critical thinking within kids. The programming function of this dog toy gives children an introduction to basic coding.

More Tricks Than Other Robot Dog Toys

The robot dog might not seem that different from other toys of its kind, but it contains more fun features than most we’ve seen. Even on the first play, kids are guaranteed to spend hours just to be with this robotic puppy. Playing time has never been more fun for kids of any age.

Aside from its smart interaction, it also has other actions: walk forward, backward, do a head spin; activate its patrol function, simulated barking, blink feature, and more. All play modes are accessible either by touching the head of the dog or using the included remote.

Once the kids are done with playing time, the dog can preserve energy by going into power-saving mode. Unlike other robotic dogs and toys of this kind which run out of battery quite quickly, this one can last hours allowing any kid to play with it as long as they want.

Ideal for Children of All Ages

When we say this is one of the toys designed with a playful child in mind, we really mean it. Even if your kid gets easily tired of toys, they’ll find something new to play with or discover a cute feature that they didn’t know about.

The dog is designed with all sorts of cute behaviors such as blinking with its big eyes, playing dynamic music, showing off cool lights, cute moves, and one of our favorites, a cute and fun feature called happy dancing time where the kid can dance along to cute music played by the dog itself. Watch as it bobs its head and wags its tail along with you! 

Because of this, this lovely puppy not only makes for a great present but provides great company and entertainment, too. 

Build Quality

Many robotic dogs will say they’re made of high-quality plastic, but that’s not always true. Thankfully, the Fisca dog isn’t like other robotic dogs. Its smooth surface won’t hurt kids’ hands when they’re playing with it. This smooth surface covers the entire dog from head to toe, and while many prefer a robotic dog covered in soft fur, plastic toys also have their advantages.

Often, they cost less money. Soft, synthetic fur costs more money to make than regular plastic. So if you want to get more value for your money, go with these kinds of toys. 

Pros and Cons of the Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog Toy

✔️ Affordable
✔️ Perfect for little kids
✔️ Ideal for those who have allergies to pet and dog hair
✔️ Can bark, sing, dance, and interact with owner
✔️ Has a remote control
✔️ Includes a rechargeable battery
✖️ Hard toy dog body
✖️ No synthetic fur
✖️ No leash controller
✖️ No detachable leash

What People Are Saying About It

If there’s ever a perfect toy for kids, it might be this fun robotic dog that has superior build quality, high-quality plastic, can play music, and move like a real pet all with the touch of the head.

“This remote control dog would be a wise birthday gift to delight a kid. The toy is good for interaction. You can expect high-quality material used for construction.”


Where to Buy the Fisca Robot Dog Toy

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Fisca Robotic Dog

The Fisca Remote Control Robot Dog provides an affordable option for those looking for a robotic pet companion. It is specifically designed to cater to little kids, offering a perfect playmate for them.

With its ability to bark, sing, dance, and interact with its owner, it brings a fun and engaging experience. The included remote control adds convenience and allows for easy maneuverability.

Additionally, the robot dog comes with a rechargeable battery, ensuring long-lasting playtime without the need for frequent replacements.



The Fisca Remote Control Robot Dog may seem like a simple dog toy at first glance. But there's more to it than meets the eye. This adorable pup sings, dances, and spins without a hitch, and lasts pretty long without recharging, too.

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