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FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin’ Kitty Review


In the world of interactive toys, FurReal Friends has carved a niche for itself by creating lifelike and adorable companions that bring joy to both children and adults alike. One such delightful creation is the FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin’ Kitty.

In this review, we’ll explore the features and charm of this interactive feline friend, examining how it adds a playful touch to the world of robotic pets.

About the FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin’ Kitty

Model NameFurReal Friends Kami My Poopin’ Kitty
Cartoon CharacterPax
Assembly RequiredYes
Dimensions10.51 x 9.49 x 5.24 inches
Weight Specifications1 pound
Batteries3 LR44 batteries required (included)
Recommended Age4 years and above

For those unable to care for a real pet but seeking a lifelike experience, the FurReal Friends My Poopin’ Kitty is the perfect solution. The FurReal Friends Kami offers activities akin to a real kitty, standing and even going on walks, setting it apart from its lap-sitting counterparts.

With nine kitty treats for feeding, be prepared for cleanup as this robot cat tends to its business, but fear not—FurReal Friends Kami comes with its own cleanup bag. Despite its non-lifelike sounds, this robot cat is a delightful investment for those wanting to simulate the joy of caring for a real pet.

The Benefits of FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin’ Kitty

Appearance and Design

Kami My Poopin’ Kitty is designed with meticulous attention to detail, boasting a plush and realistic fur coat that invites cuddles. The vibrant and expressive eyes give Kami an endearing quality, making it instantly captivating to anyone who encounters it.

The attention to detail in the design ensures that Kami not only feels soft and huggable but also looks like an authentic and charming little kitty.

Interactive Features

The magic of FurReal Friends Kami lies in its interactive features. This adorable robotic kitty responds to touch and sound, making it feel like a real pet. Stroke its back, and Kami responds with purring sounds, enhancing the sense of connection between the user and the toy.

The interactive elements make Kami an engaging playmate for children, fostering a sense of responsibility and companionship.

Poopin’ Action

The unique feature that sets Kami apart from other FurReal Friends is its ‘poopin’ action. While it may sound unconventional, this feature adds an element of surprise and humor to the play experience. When Kami is fed using the included treat, it makes adorable munching sounds, and after a short while, it ‘poops’ out a small surprise, creating a lighthearted and amusing interaction for kids.

Educational Value

Beyond its entertainment value, FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin’ Kitty also offers some educational benefits. The interactive play encourages children to engage in imaginative and creative role-playing scenarios, fostering language development and social skills. The responsibility of ‘caring’ for Kami by feeding it and cleaning up after its ‘poops’ introduces a subtle lesson in nurturing and empathy.

Battery Life and Durability

Parents will appreciate the practical aspects of FurReal Friends Kami, such as its efficient use of battery power. The toy runs on easily replaceable batteries, ensuring that the fun can continue for extended periods without frequent interruptions. The durability of the materials used in its construction also stands out, making it a reliable and long-lasting companion for young ones.

What People Are Saying About It

In reality the new ‘Poopin Pets’ are a brilliant tool to teach a child the responsibility of owning a dog or a cat. Bex just loves this toy – she cuddles it, feeds it and regularly clears up after its created a mess on the carpet. We’re getting a ‘real’ dog soon and now Bex is fully prepared to be involved in every aspect of caring for our new pet. Massive thanks to Hasbro for that one – Highly Recommended!!!

Reviewer – Kids Cool It

Where to Buy the FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin’ Kitty

In the realm of interactive toys, the FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin’ Kitty stands out as a unique and delightful addition. Its combination of lifelike features, interactive play, and a touch of humor make it a hit among both children and the young at heart.

FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin’ Kitty

While the ‘poopin’ action may raise an eyebrow, it adds a quirky and entertaining element that contributes to the overall charm of this robotic kitty.

For those seeking a playful and engaging companion for their little ones, the FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin’ Kitty is a purr-fect choice.



The FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin' Kitty is a fun and interactive robot cat that has a host of features to elevate kids' play time and prepare them for a real pet. With a unique "pooping" feature, a soft and cuddly appearance, and educational value, it's the ideal gift for any child or child at heart.

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