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IQKidz Remote Control Triceratops Review


Looking to purchase a fun toy for your loved one? The IQKidz Remote Control Triceratops is the perfect combination of an adorable pet and an eccentric animal. Much like a robot puppy, this affable dinosaur can do all sorts of tricks and interact with its owner in fun, new ways. 

About the IQKidz Remote Control Triceratops

productIQKidz Remote Control Triceratops

ManufacturerIQ Kidz
Model NameRemote Control Triceratops
Weight1.28 lbs.
Dimensions10 x 9.45 x 5.2 inches
Manufacturer Recommended Age3 years and up
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer battery required (included)

The IQKidz Remote Control Triceratops is a robot dinosaur that offers more than just a fun time for the whole family. Its educational features allow a simple introduction to programming, while also enhancing spatial intelligence among children.

IQKidz Remote Control Triceratops Features


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Know a certain someone who loves dinosaurs? Give them the perfect gift with the IQKidz Remote Control Triceratopsa miniature dino that can dance, roar, and even explore any room on its own. Let’s take a quick look at some of its best features.

Easy to Play

Despite being packed with features and fun tricks, this toy triceratops manages to be incredibly easy to play for young children. The remote control is designed with distinct paw prints and has 9 buttons that trigger different actions. Then, through the beak, the child will be able to access different play modes: follow/remote, obstacle mode, and treats/commands.


The IQKidz dinosaur comes with a few treats, but they’re not just any treats. Each one is tied to a different move and every time the child feeds it, the robot immediately learns and memorizes the move. This is a great introduction to the basic concept of programming.

Engaging Obstacles

Both adults and children will have a busy time trying to build an obstacle course for this Jurassic toy. Get it into obstacle mode and it will navigate any path by using its built-in sensors, no remote control is needed. Try to build different blocks in the path and see how the dinosaur fares.

Pros and Cons of the IQKidz Remote Control Triceratops

✔️ Unique toy robot
✔️ Can sing, dance, and make sounds
✔️ Interactive features
✔️ Comes with reusable treats
✔️ Remote controlled
✖️ Short battery life
✖️ No power saving mode
✖️ No ability to learn new tricks

What People Are Saying About It

The IQKidz Remote Control Triceratops is a playful robot dinosaur that can be your child’s introduction to the world of robots and programming. Apart from that, it’s also lots of fun to play with. Let’s see what other reviewers think.

“The toy is very well-made and durable. My 5-year old loves it and can’t get enough. The remote control has worked well so far.”

Reviewer – Robotoid

Where to Buy the IQKidz Remote Control Triceratops

productCheck out other functions and features on Amazon

Want to buy the IQKidz Remote Control Triceratops? Head over to Amazon now to get the best deals and prices.

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IQKidz Remote Control Triceratops

The IQKidz Triceratops Robot is an exceptional and distinctive toy robot that offers a range of exciting features. It possesses the ability to sing, dance, and produce various entertaining sounds.

With its interactive capabilities, it engages children in an immersive playtime experience. The inclusion of reusable treats adds an interactive element, allowing for repeated enjoyment.

Furthermore, the Triceratops Robot can be easily controlled through a remote, providing convenience and ease of use. It is a captivating and interactive toy that promises hours of fun and imaginative play for children.



The IQKidz Remote Control Triceratops is a durable robot toy with smart tricks up its sleeve. The three play modes make sure that you'll never run out of things to do with the robot. It's educational and entertaining for the entire family.

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