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Let your child experience what it’s like owning, feeding, and grooming their own pet with the TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog! This delightful playset brings joy and learning opportunities to the fingertips of young adventurers, making it a stellar addition to any child’s toy collection.

What else makes the TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog a great pretend playset to gift to your child? Read this full review to find out!

About the TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog Review

TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog Review
Model NamePet Care Play Set Robot Dog
Item Model NumberB0BNMBKP8J
Robot PetSaint Bernard
Weight Specifications1.15 pounds
Product Dimensions1 x 1 x 1 inches
Power Supply2 AA batteries (not included)
Special FeaturesWalks, Wags tail, Barks, Can be fed,

The TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog is a delightful companion and pretend playset to have. It combines the charm of a traditional playset with the added interactive features of a robot dog.

Each set comes with a robot plush puppy, feeding accessories, dog food, a bottle, a comb for grooming, and a pet carrier. A set also comes with a sticker so your kid’s imagination can run wild and personalize the carrier to one’s style and preference. With all of these pet care accessories, it’s like gifting your child a starter kit on how to take care of a real puppy!

With that said, the TEUVO Pet Care Playset includes a robot dog that has the charming and playful characteristics of a living puppy. The robot dog can bark and move like a playful pup — encouraging interactive play with its owner. This is certainly one robot dog that can be a companion to children ideally 3 to 7 years old.

TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog Review Benefits

TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog Review

The TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog is the perfect starter toy and companion for your child. From sparking imagination to becoming a learning tool, this robot dog has a lot of benefits (and tricks) up its sleeve!

Encourages Responsibility and Sparks Imagination

The TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog serves as more than just a robot toy – it’s a catalyst for encouraging responsibility and igniting boundless imagination in young minds. Through interactive play, children are tasked with caring for their robot pup, nurturing it with love and attention just like a real pet. This hands-on experience instills a sense of responsibility as they learn to feed, groom, and interact with their robot pet.

The interactive features of the robot dog spark imagination, allowing children to invent countless adventures and scenarios in which their robotic pet becomes a loyal sidekick. Whether they’re embarking on imaginary quests or simply engaging in nurturing play, the TEUVO Robot Dog encourages responsibility by teaching children the importance of caring for others while simultaneously fueling their imaginative exploration.

Interactive Like a Real Puppy

Like other robot dogs, this robot pup is one cute plush puppy that has interactive features. You can take it out for a walk, make its tail wag, and make it bark whenever you pat its head. By just powering it up with 2 AA batteries and pressing the power button found on its belly, you have one lively robot puppy in no time. While it is much smaller than a real puppy, it makes up for its small size with lots of personality and energy. Plus its soft and quality fabric will make you think that you’re petting a real one!

With many features and energy, your child will have endless fun with this robot pup. Feed it like a real puppy, groom it to maintain its soft fur, and go on walks with it. This robot puppy is a good introduction to what owning a real puppy is like. On the flip side, it’s also a good alternative for those who simply cannot own a real pup because of allergies or certain limitations.

Value for Money

The TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog is packed with accessories and inclusions. It has a feeding bowl, 1 pack of pellet dog food, a comb, a feeding bottle, 3 dog food accessories (bond, steak, chicken leg), a sticker pack, and a kennel. All those are included when you purchase the robot pup, which makes it a purchase that is worth your money. Not to mention that this playset is also priced on the affordable side, especially considering all the inclusions it comes with.

With all the fun and accessories plus an affordable price tag, the TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog is truly worth the purchase. It also makes it an ideal gift for many occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, and just because!

Pros and Cons of the TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog

✔️ Interactive features like a real puppy
✔️ Comes with multiple accessories
✔️ Soft plush
✔️ Affordable
✖️ Limited advanced features
✖️ Does not come with batteries

What People Are Saying About It

TEUVO makes great robot toys and others would agree. Hear what a happy customer has to say about TEUVO!

“With these robot toys, children can explore their creative side while having hours of fun!”


Where to Buy the TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog Review

TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog Review

If you’re ready to welcome the newest member of the family, then you can go right ahead and order the TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog on Amazon! You’re just a few clicks away from greeting a new furry robot companion at home.

TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog Review

The TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog is a delightful combination of traditional and interactive toys.

With a playset that includes multiple accessories to support imagination and foster responsibility in taking care of the robot dog, kids can feed, groom, and play with this plush pup.

The interactive features of the robot dog offer endless hours of fun and play that kids would love. From walking the robot dog to making it bark, this robot dog from TEUVO is a perfect robot dog companion for little kids.



The TEUVO Pet Care Playset Robot Dog is an adorable blend of learning and play, ideal for kids aged 3 to 7. With lifelike movements and interactive features, this robot dog fosters responsibility and sparks imaginative adventures, making it a delightful gift for young pet lovers. It comes with multiple accessories so the play-pretend never stops!

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