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Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet Tumbling Hedgehog Review


Did you know that playtime is essential for the development of children’s motor skills? It’s especially true with build-it-yourself toys like the Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet Tumbling Hedgehog, a fun take on the essential STEM-learning robotic toy that has populated the market. This robotic hedgehog has no less than 172 building pieces that are sure to be a fulfilling challenge for kids ages 7 and above.

With the pandemic, many parents have chosen to homeschool their children. The Thames & Kosmos STEM learning kits provide another avenue for them to learn even in the comfort of their own home.

In this full review, we take a look at some of the best features of this toy, its benefits, and also its disadvantages. Is this the perfect gift for your young loved one? Let’s find out below.

About the Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet Tumbling Hedgehog

ManufacturerThames & Kosmos
Model NameMy Robotic Pet – Tumbling Hedgehog
Dimensions10 x 4.7 x 13 inches
Weight Specifications1.58 pounds
AccessoriesInstruction Manual, Comic Book
Recommended Age7+

Above, we’ve outlined some of the basic specifications of the Thames & Kosmos robotic hedgehog. At 10 inches long and 13 inches high, it’s large enough that assembling each piece isn’t too difficult as you can maneuver the parts easily and also see where each piece fits in. It’s also not too large that you can’t bring the toy with you anywhere you like.

Its appearance resembles that of a real hedgehog, with an adorable nose, large eyes, and spikes all over. Though its move set is limited to rolling backward and forwards as well as spinning around a room, the fun is in the assembly process and learning robotics along the way.

It also comes with its own detailed instruction manual and an illustrated storybook starring the hedgehog.

Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet Tumbling Hedgehog Benefits

Still not sold on this rolling hedgehog? We take a look at its best features here:

Buildable Toy That Engages the Mind

If your child enjoys taking apart their toys and playing with the little pieces, then they might have a mind that needs more engagement! The Thames & Kosmos hedgehog is the perfect opportunity to put their fascination with robotic toys to the test. It’s also the perfect learning kit for children who are currently homeschooled.

The Robotic Hedgehog is a build-it-yourself toy that comes in 172 buildable pieces. Each one is attached to a plastic mold that requires sharp cutters to detach, so make sure a guardian or parent is supervising the child as they remove each piece from the holder.

The toy comes with a very detailed instruction manual that children and adults will be able to understand easily. The manufacturer states that building time takes 1 to 2 hours — perfect for a fun afternoon.

Entertaining Movements

Once your robotic hedgehog is assembled, it’s time to play! You might notice there isn’t a controller attached. That’s because the toy responds to claps.

There are different ways to control the toy depending on its operating mode. In mode 1, you can clap once and watch it roll backward and “fall asleep” or wake up. In mode 2, the hedgehog will roll as many times as you clap. The third mode requires you to give it a round of applause to access some fun tricks.

Unleashes Creativity

Not only does the toy encourage STEM and robotics learning, but it promotes creativity, too. There’s a comic book included that features the Thames & Kosmos Hedgehog as the star who gets into all sorts of fun adventures that children are sure to enjoy!

That said, there are a few drawbacks to this toy. First is the challenge of assembling. Younger children may find it difficult, as some reviews state that it took their kids almost a day to fully put together. Even then, if you make a small mistake in the process, your robot may not function at its best.

Pros and Cons of the Thames & Kosmos Hedgehog 

✔️ Fun tricks and tumbles
✔️ Buildable robot
✔️ Has a built-in sound sensor to respond to claps
✖️ Kids may need guidance when assembling the hedgehog to prevent any choking hazards and accidents

What People Are Saying About It

The Thames & Kosmos STEM learning hedgehog might be challenging, but it’s certainly fulfilling once you put it together. We would recommend it for children interested in robotics, or even anyone who simply likes to take apart toys and learn their inner workings.

“That said, the Thames & Kosmos kits are great fun – with or without kids. They are well made, extremely thorough, and clearly created by people who care about entertainment as much as education.”

Reviewer – WIRED

Where to Buy the Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet Tumbling Hedgehog

The Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet Tumbling Hedgehog is available now on Amazon! Roll over to the website to get the top deals and prices.

Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet Tumbling Hedgehog

The Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet – Thumbling Hedgehog is a remote-controlled toy that offers effortless control and maneuverability. It impressively mimics realistic barking sounds and lifelike movements, creating an interactive experience akin to having a robot puppy as a companion.

With the ability to record and playback up to 30 moves, it adds an element of customization and personalization to playtime. Not only is this robotic pet affordable, but it is also crafted from safe and non-toxic ABS plastic, ensuring the safety of children during play.



Many parents nowadays prefer to homeschool their children, and with that comes the need for at-home learning materials. The Thames & Kosmos hedgehog provides kids ages 7-14 a unique new avenue for science learning by letting them construct their very own robotic toy. Though it may be extra challenging for younger kids, the learning experience is valuable and fulfilling. We highly recommend parental supervision during the process for best results.

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