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Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog Review


Did you ever dream about owning a robotic dog as a child? Turns out, the search for that dream might be over. The Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog is every child’s biggest sci-fi fantasies come true: it’s futuristic, interactive, and an absolute joy to play with. Like any real dog, the robot puppy is great fun for all. Let’s take a closer look in this full review of the Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog.

About the Top Race Robot Dog

productTop Race Remote Control Robot Dog

ManufacturerTop Race 
Model NameRemote Control Robot Dog (Remote Control)
Dimensions3.94 x 5.91 x 13.78 inches
Weight2.86 pounds
Batteries1 AAA Battery (Rechargeable)
2 AA Batteries for Remote (Not included)

The Top Race Robot Dog takes what we love most about real dogs and adds a few extra twists. It barks, runs, and sits, but it also sings and dances — functions that you can’t get from any other regular pet. The playful puppy robot also contains 12 voice directives apart from remote control functions. With these many fun features, kids will stay entertained for hours.

Why We Like It – Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog Toy Features

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The benefits of robot dogs are obvious. They won’t make a mess, they don’t need to be fed, you don’t have to spend extra money on them, and they require no special maintenance. But what exactly makes the Top Race Robotic Dog Toy extra special? Let’s take a look at its features to see why this purchase is worth the money.


The first thing you should look for in a robot dog is its performance. It has the ability to respond, but how well does it respond? Does it acknowledge the sound of your voice at a normal volume, or do you have to repeat yourself a few times to get the dog to play or run?

With this toy, that won’t be a problem. Along with highly engaging features and the capacity to understand voice directives, it also has high-quality sensors that increase responsiveness and thus provide a bump-free playtime that both younger kids and older children can enjoy.

Perfect for Kids

We say that kids will find playing with the Top Race dog enjoyable because of its highly entertaining features. Have you ever heard of smart dancing? What about a robot dog doing a somersault? If you answered no to both of those questions, then this toy will provide a novel experience for you and your child or younger loved one. It can sing along to music, go on walks, and even imitate other animals.

Interactive Features

What makes robot toys a viable alternative for a real dog is their interaction level. That’s where voice directives, sensor quality, and overall tricks become helpful. The idea is that the more interaction the owner gets from their pet, the better. The Top Race robot dog is great here, as it can be controlled through a remote control as well as by voice commands like you would a real puppy.

Quality Materials

When we say it’s worth the money, we mean it. It actually doesn’t cost a lot in the first place, which is another huge selling point — you get to save more money than you would with a real dog. But the reason this is a worthy purchase is its quality. 

With a majority of customer reviews being positive, we weren’t surprised to see a great performance. The battery life is average with decent charging time, and many reviews also agree. However, we did take note of a review with negative feedback on the lack of volume control. Another review showed a broken item upon arrival. However, since a broken item is very rare, we believe it doesn’t impact the overall experience of the product — making it a wonderful gift toy.

Pros and Cons of the Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog Toy

✔️ Remote Controlled
✔️ Is a singing and dancing robot dog toy
✔️ Rechargeable battery
✖️ Can be complicated for younger and aging individuals
✖️ Lacks a power saving function

What People Are Saying About It

It sings, it tumbles, and you get to save yourself from ever cleaning up after a real dog’s mess again. The Top Race dog is ideal for anyone who wants a playful, affectionate, and dance-to-the-beat puppy robot without any of the usual pitfalls of a real pet. What more could one search for? Let’s see what others have to say about it.

““It will respond just like a real dog would. If your kids are the type, or are looking to start being the type, who will nag you for a real pet dog, then the Top Race Robot will set them on the path of dog responsibility.”

Reviewer – Gadget Review

Where to Buy the Top Race Remote Control and Voice-Controlled Smart Robot Dog

productCheck out other functions and features on Amazon

Ready to bring home your new pet? The Top Race robotic pup is available now on Amazon. Head over to the website to snag the best deals and prices.

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The Top Race Robotic Pup

The Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog Toy is a remarkable playtime companion that offers an array of exciting features. With its remote control functionality, it provides an engaging and interactive experience.

This toy dog not only sings and dances, but also brings joy and entertainment to children. Its rechargeable battery ensures continuous playtime without the need for frequent battery replacements.

The Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog Toy combines technological innovation with fun, making it an ideal choice for children seeking an interactive and enjoyable playmate.



The Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog is a sleek, avant-garde looking toy that just might be what kickstarts a young child's budding interest in all things techy and robotic. At its price point, it has sturdy quality that makes it valuable.

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Linda Takahashi

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