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The beauty of robot pets is that you can choose to own mythical creatures such as the Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot! Aside from being mythical in nature, the Twirlux Unicorn is unique on its own because of its features, design, and the overall playing experience it can offer to your kids.

About the Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot

Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot Review
Model NameRobo Pets Unicorn
Item Model Number‎TWR02
Robot PetUnicorn
Weight Specifications559 g
Product Dimensions‎27 x 21 x 28.5 cm
Power SupplyBatteries
Special FeaturesRemote controlled
Moves and interacts
Plays Songs
Lights up

The Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot is a delightful interactive toy that features hand motion gestures, remote control operation, and a variety of movements including walking and dancing. It also lights up and plays songs, adding to its charm. This robot unicorn comes with a comb for its pink mane and a bowl for you to put “food” or “water” in, allowing for additional imaginative play.

Children aged 3 and up who enjoy mythical creatures and interactive play will find this toy particularly engaging and adorable. It’s a great choice for those seeking a unique, entertaining robot pet at an affordable price.​

Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot Benefits

Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot Review

While being a unicorn alone makes this robot pet already unique, there are other features and benefits that make it a great toy to have.


The Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot offers a thrilling interactive experience. With its responsive remote control and gentle taps on its buttocks, kids can make the robot pet unicorn walk, dance, light up, and play fun songs. Certainly, there’s much fun to be had that can keep children aged 3 years old and up active and entertained.

Encourages Imaginative Play

This enchanting unicorn is a gateway to a world of imagination. Its mythical design and the included comb for its beautiful mane inspire children to create their own magical adventures. Since it also comes with a feeding bowl, children can “feed” the unicorn” after a day of play.

Aside from the usual pretend play of taking care of pets, children can have imaginary quests with the unicorn. The mere fact that this robot pet is a mythical creature can already spark creativity and storytelling. Let your kid’s imagination go wild and watch how their playtime with the Twirlux Unicorn Toy can open a whole new world.


One of the standout features of the Twirlux Unicorn is its affordability. Despite being packed with interactive and engaging features, it comes at a price point that’s friendly on the wallet. This makes it accessible to more families, ensuring that a wider range of children can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality, interactive toy. The Twirlux Unicorn offers great value, delivering hours of magical fun without breaking the bank.

This is why the Twirlux Unicorn Toy is listed as one of our best cheap robot pets.

Pros and Cons of the Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot

✔️ Affordable
✔️ Encourages imaginative play and creativity
✔️ Interactive
✔️ Comes with accessories (comb and feeding bowl)
✔️ Remote controlled
✖️ Remote control can be buggy
✖️ Limited advanced features

What People Are Saying About It

Who wouldn’t be giddy over a robot pet unicorn? They’re mythical and unique, and other people would have to agree that they are great choices as robot pets.

“Robo pets unicorn are a popular toy choice for children and adults alike. These robotic unicorns are designed to simulate the behavior of a real pet, providing hours of entertainment and companionship.”


Where to Buy the Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot

Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot Review

If you’re ready to saddle up and own a robot pet unicorn, then head on to Amazon to snag a great deal for the Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot!

Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot Review

Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot

The Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot is a fun and engaging toy that features interactive capabilities such as walking, dancing, lighting up, and playing songs.

It can be controlled via a remote or hand gestures, making playtime dynamic and immersive. The toy also encourages imaginative play with its enchanting unicorn design and included comb for its mane.

Affordable and packed with features, the Twirlux Unicorn is a great value for families looking for an entertaining and creative toy for children aged 3 and up.



The Twirlux Unicorn Toy Remote Control Robot offers interactive fun with its walking, dancing, and light-up features, controlled by remote and hand gestures. Its enchanting design and affordability make it a delightful and accessible choice for imaginative play.

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