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UBTECH Unicornbot Building & Coding Stem Learning Kit Review


Unicorns are some of the most popular mythical creatures in the world. In the media, they’re portrayed as divine and pure beings that accompany heroes or show themselves to those who are pure of heart. Nowadays, unicorns have become a metaphor for uniqueness and individuality. They teach children to be their authentic selves, an important message for kids to hear as they learn how to navigate the world at large.

It’s also a message that seems fitting for children who have unique interests of their own, including STEM learning. 

This unicorn robot toy not only introduces children to the mythical creature, but it helps them learn and understand the basics of new technology, too. Introducing the UBTECH Unicornbot Kit App-Enabled Building Coding STEM Learning Robot, a remote control toy from the UBTECH Mythical Series Unicornbot Kit. Let’s unveil its features and see why it’s the ideal gift for children.

About the UBTECH Unicornbot Coding & Stem Learning Kit

ManufacturerUBTECH Robotics
Model NameUBTECH Unicornbot Kit App-Enabled Building Coding STEM
ColorWhite and Violet
Dimensions10 x 12 x 2.5 inches
Weight Specifications2.8 pounds
App SupportJIMU App

This codable robot toy is part of the UBTECH Mythical Series Unicornbot Kit, a lineup of robots that serves as a beginner’s introduction to the basics of programming. Children who enjoy puzzles, LEGO toys, and the like are sure to love this do-it-yourself challenge.

Because it is a buildable bot, the UBTECH unicorn toy has a distinctly robot-like appearance that is a little bit different from the cuddly, soft plush animals you’ll see in our other reviews. But there are certainly plenty of benefits to this feature. Let’s go over them in the next section.

UBTECH Unicornbot Learning Kit Benefits

From its affordable price to its compatible iOS program, the UBTECH JIMU robot has a ton of features that make it worth the purchase. It’s engaging, budget-friendly, and even allows children to learn alongside their parents or siblings.

Educational and Engaging

One thing children absolutely love is playing with toys that can be engaging enough to hold their attention. The UBTECH JIMU Robot Mythical Series Unicornbot Kit App-Enabled Building & Coding STEM Learning Kit toy does just that. 

Through a series of fun game-like steps, children can effectively learn how to code or program these robots in a simple way. There’s in-app support for the robot toy and it’s also playable on an iPad or Android tablet.

Unlike other robots which may be too complicated for younger kids, the UBTECH has full Blockly support which allows children to simply drag and drop blocks of color-coded commands that signify the different actions their unicorn robot can perform. This technology is a great way for kids to learn the beauty of programming in an accurate and almost effortless way.

Allows Family Bonding

While most robots will eventually fade into the background of children’s playtimes, the UBTECH unicorn robot has inherent longevity because it poses a challenge. Not only can they puzzle their way through their Mythical Series Unicornbot Kit, but they can seek the help of their parents, siblings, or guardians, too, allowing for a fun time for everyone in the family.

No Tools Required

Speaking of accessibility, this robot requires no additional tools in order to assemble. This makes it just the right level of challenge for children who love a good puzzle or do-it-yourself robot. And like we mentioned above, the parent or guardian can always be there to lend a helping hand.

Great Value for Money

When you factor in all the features and benefits you’re getting when you purchase the Unicorn robot, the value for its price (roughly $120) makes it one of the most affordable buys on this list. Too often, robots can harbor an expensive price tag but have simple features that aren’t even educational or engaging. That’s why plenty of reviews love that the UBTECH unicorn robot has a price tag that is actually worth the money – you actually get what you paid for.

Pros and Cons of the UBTECH Unicornbot 

✔️ Introduces the basics of programming
✔️ Building and customizable
✔️ Affordable
✔️ Comes with a free app
✔️ Perfect toy for girls and boys
✖️ May require the help of an adult

What People Are Saying About It

Brilliant, engaging, and incredibly fun, the UBTECH Mythical Series Unicorn Robot is our pick for the best robot unicorn on the market. It’s also worth the price you’re paying for its features and you will actually feel like you didn’t waste your money on it. With built-in app support (along with iOS support and Android support), one doesn’t have to worry about the availability of all the features. But while our own review is highly positive, of course, we can’t discount what other reviews have to say. 

“The $120 robot gives kids an opportunity to learn basic coding, so they can assemble the bot before ascribing behaviors to its light-up RGB LED horn and making it move.”

Reviewer – PCMAG

Where to Buy the UBTECH Unicornbot 

On Amazon, you won’t have to worry about availability or price as you can always find the best deals and prices when you shop at their website. Save money by checking out the best shipping deals and checking if they deliver straight to your address.

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UBTECH Unicornbot Kit App-Enabled Building Coding STEM Learning Robot

The UBTECH Unicornbot is an excellent tool for introducing the fundamental concepts of programming to children. It offers a building and customization experience, allowing kids to personalize their Unicornbot according to their preferences.

With its affordable price point, it provides great value for money. The Unicornbot also includes a free app that enhances the interactive experience and provides additional programming features. This versatile toy appeals to both girls and boys, making it a perfect choice for a wide range of children.



The UBTECH Mythical Series Unicorn Robot is our vote for the superior robot unicorn on the market. It's completely fun while also managing to be educational. For children, it engages their minds without being too challenging, teaching them the basics of coding through a simple and fun application. It's also worth the money you're paying - at just around $120, you're getting a free app and a robust do-it-yourself type robot.

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