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Zoomer Hedgiez Interactive Hedgehog Review


This holiday season, give your little loved ones the gift of their very own little animal without the hassle and responsibility of a real pet. The Zoomer Hedgiez Interactive Hedgehog puts a spin on the usual fur friends we may think of as a pet, but it’s just as playful and loving as any other.

About the Zoomer Hedgiez Interactive Hedgehog Toy

ManufacturerSpin Master
Model NameZoomer Hedgiez Interactive Hedgehog with Lights, Sounds, and Sensors
ColorTeal and Pink
Other Models: Blue (Flip), Purple (Dizzy), Hot Pink and Black (Tumbles), Pink (Whirl)
Dimensions5.38 x 8 x 7 inches
Weight1 pound
Batteries4 AAA batteries

Cute sounds, light-up eyes, and the ability to do a headstand — with these fun tricks, you or your kid will never tire of playing the Zoomer Hedgiez hedgehog. You may not find those features in a real pet (or even a real hedgehog), but that’s what makes the Zoomer Hedgiez a unique toy worth having. 

The Zoomer Hedgiez has sensors on its nose and tummy. According to the product description, the Hedgiez toy can blow a kiss, whistle, sneeze, and rollover, all while making other cute sounds. Children of all ages can collect each one of the Hedgiez hedgehogs, Flip, Dizzy, Whirl, and Tumbles, and complete the Hedgiez to access more interactive tricks.

Zoomer Hedgiez Interactive Hedgehog Toy Features

The Zoomer Hedgiez hedgehog might be the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for children who prefer an unusual pet to play with. Let’s go over some of the benefits and features of this adorable pet toy to see if it’s worth the buy. 

Interactive Features

Flip, Whirl, Dizzy, and Tumbles are packed with fun, interactive tricks to keep children of all ages entertained. Press their nose and they’ll sneeze, whistle, or give you a kiss. 

Apart from a press on its nose, you can also access tricks from other parts of the toy. The sensors on their tummy make them curl up into a ball when tickled. Surprisingly, these hedgehogs are quite acrobatic: they can do headstands and front rolls without feeling dizzy.

Each one also has the ability to respond to petting and cuddles, so tickle, hug or pet them as much as you’d like because these furry friends love it.

Brushable Hair and Pretty Light-Up Eyes

We all know that most robot pets are interactive, and this one, in particular, has accessible sensors on the nose and stomach that allow it to respond to the owner when you press them, touch, or tickle them. But there’s more: the Hedgiez is made to be soft to the touch and visually appealing. Flip, Tumbles, Dizzy, and Whirl are coated in soft synthetic hair perfect for brushing.

Suitable for All Children

Looking for a birthday present or an early Christmas gift? Consider buying the Zoomer Hedgiez in any of its variants and bring tumbling fun to your home. 

Collectible Set

Complete all four toys: Flip and its friends Dizzy, Whirl, and Tumbles to reveal even more interactive features. 

Note: The toys require four AAA batteries. These batteries are not included, but you can purchase them on Amazon along with your toy.

Pros and Cons of the Zoomer Hedgiez Interactive Hedgehog

✔️ Has soft fur
✔️ More portable than other robot pets
✔️ Does unique tricks like handstands and front rolls
✖️ Unclear controls
✖️ No remote or voice commands

What People Are Saying About It

There’s nothing more adorable than a neon-colored hedgehog that loves to be tickled or makes cute noises when you press its nose. The Zoomer Hedgiez interactive pet makes for a fun way to pass the time, and although it lacks advanced features, a review of its performance shows quick sensors, ample battery life, and durable material. Plus, it lets you save more money than other robot toys.

“My first instinct when this toy came for us to review was that it was a little bit weird – but it has proved a firm favourite here and at worst a talking point for those who have not yet realised how much fun a rolling, gambolling squeaking, whistling and sneezing electronic hedgehog can be.”

Reviewer – Mad mum of 7

Where to Buy the Zoomer Hedgiez Interactive Hedgehog

Enjoyed this review and ready to do some early Christmas shopping? Head over to Amazon now for all the best deals and prices on the Zoomer Hedgiez Interactive Hedgehog. 

It’s also made it on our list of the best robot pets to buy this year. Take a look now.

Zoomer Hedgiez Interactive Hedgehog

The Zoomer Hedgiez Robot Toy stands out with its soft and plush fur, providing a delightful touch and feel. It offers a higher level of portability compared to other robot pets, making it easy to take along on adventures or playtime anywhere.

This robot toy showcases its uniqueness through impressive tricks like handstands and front rolls, adding an element of surprise and entertainment to play sessions.



The Zoomer Hedgiez Interactive Hedgehog is a great gift for kids, considering all its fun and interactive features.

Total Rating

Linda Takahashi

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