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Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten Review


Robot pets are becoming increasingly popular. They’re fun and easy to take care of. In this review, let’s explore a beloved robotic cat toy and discover what makes it a fantastic choice to buy.

Meet Lux, the trendsetting Meowzy flaunting a plush tail ideal for petting! Lux adores snuggling, engaging in games, and proudly displaying her sparkling tail. The more time spent playing with Lux, the greater her delight! With interactive games, delightful kitten noises, and a surprise trick, there’s always something entertaining to discover.

About the Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten

ManufacturerSpin Master
Model NameZoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten
Weight0.8 lbs.
Dimensions‎20.32 x 13.46 x 17.78 cm
Manufacturer Recommended Age5-7 years old
Batteries1 AAA battery

The world of interactive toys has seen a remarkable surge in creativity, and the Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten stands out as a shining example. A blend of adorable aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, Lux the robot cat promises an engaging and delightful experience for both kids and adults alike.

Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten Features

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Design and Features

Lux, a part of the Zoomer Meowzies Cattitude Collection, boasts an eye-catching design with a sparkly fluffy tail that adds to its charm. This stylish Meowzy comes equipped with poseable legs and wheels on its feet, enabling it to be rolled around effortlessly. The touch-responsive abilities, coupled with the LED-lit expressive eyes, create an endearing and lifelike interaction.

The kitten’s responsiveness to touch is facilitated by sensors strategically placed on its head, back, and chest. These sensors enable Lux to react when petted, prompting its LED eyes to light up, reflecting its emotional state. Moreover, waving a hand in front of Lux triggers its eyes to follow the movement, adding a layer of interactivity that is both entertaining and captivating.

Pre-programmed Games

Lux doesn’t fall short in the entertainment department. With a variety of interactive games like “Mouse Chase,” “Meow Hero,” and a Music Mode, Lux keeps the fun going. The inclusion of special tricks, such as saying “I love you” and giving kisses, adds an endearing touch that will surely melt hearts.

Social Interaction and Connectivity

One of the standout features of the Zoomer Meowzies collection is their ability to interact with each other. Collecting multiple Meowzies like Chic, Runway, and Posh (each sold separately) and syncing them together results in delightful interactions. From playful peek-a-boo sessions to singing and hissing contests, the social interactions between these robotic kittens amplify the fun and engagement.

Pros and Cons of the Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten

✔️ Multiple games to play
✔️ Moves like a real cat
✔️ Colorful exterior
✔️ Excellent birthday gift idea
✖️ Instructions can be hard to understand
✖️ No voice commands
✖️ Made out of hard plastic

What People Are Saying About It

The Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten is full of fun features that kids love and entertain adults too. It’s sturdy, doesn’t have software problems often, and just needs occasional cleaning. It’s a fantastic robotic option for anyone who wants a cat without all the responsibilities.

“Overall this is a fun, interactive pet! We like that it doesn’t just stick with the classic responses and interactions and instead offers built-in games for added play value. If you want a pet, this might be a good allergy-free, stress free option for your home!”

Jen – TTPM Toy Reviews

Where to Buy the Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten

Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten

Want to make your kid’s playtime more colorful, interactive, and fun? Grab the Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten on Amazon right now!

Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten

The Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten is a charming and engaging robotic pet that brings joy to both kids and adults. With its playful features, including touch-responsive actions and LED-lit expressive eyes, Lux offers a lifelike interaction that captivates users of all ages.

Overall, the Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten stands as a delightful robotic companion, offering entertainment and companionship without the responsibilities of a real pet.



Zoomer Meowzies Lux is an adorable interactive kitten designed to captivate with its delightful features. With its enchanting lights, playful sounds, and responsive sensors, Lux engages users in a world of feline fun.

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