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Meet the ZURU Robo Alive Robo Turtle, a tropical aquatic robot pet that’s ready to splash some fun into your day! With its realistic swimming and crawling moves, the Robo Alive Robo Turtle can bring excitement and charm to both bath time and playtime. It’s the perfect robot pet for kids ages 3 and up who are into aquatic escapades.

About the ZURU Robo Alive Robo Turtle

Zuru Robo Alive Robo Turtle Review
Model NameRobo Alive Robo Turtle
Item Model Number‎71100B
Robot PetTurtle
Weight Specifications5.9 ounces
Product Dimensions3.54 x 3.54 x 2.76 inches
Power Supply2 LR44 batteries required
Special FeaturesSwims in 5 directions
Walks in land
Swims in water

The ZURU Robo Alive Robo Turtle is a delightful robotic pet that offers loads of interactive fun. This robot pet can follow you both on land and water as it can crawl and swim in both. This means from bath time to playtime, you have yourself a robot pet turtle to keep you company! Plus, this charming turtle can swim in five different directions so you’ll have fun watching it swim around.

You can even maybe start your robot turtle race as you make it go head to head against other robot turtles! This is possible because the Robo Alive Robo Turtle comes in four vibrant colors — blue, pink, green, and orange. If you collect them all, then you can even create your own robot-aquatic ecosystem at home.

The Robo Turtle comes ready to play with two included batteries, ensuring your adventure starts right out of the box. Whether you’re looking for a playful addition to your home or a unique gift, the Robo Turtle delivers endless entertainment and charm.

ZURU Robo Alive Robo Turtle Benefits

Zuru Robo Alive Robo Turtle Review

While most people would automatically think of getting robot dogs and robot cats as their choice of robot pets, robot turtles have plenty to offer too!


One might think there’s not much to owning a turtle as a pet but owning a robot pet turtle? Well, that’s a slightly different case thanks to the ZURU Robo Alive Robo Turtle!

Drop your Robo Turtle in water and watch it come to life. Equipped with advanced water-activated technology, the Robo Alive Robo Turtle can swim in five (5) different directions. This will certainly make bath times more fun!

Why stop the fun there? You can take the Robo Alive Robo Turtle out of the water and watch it crawl on land. It’s quite adorable to watch them explore the backyard or the playroom.

Cute Design

The ZURU Robo Alive Robo Turtle is sure to catch your attention with its vibrant colorful design and quirky details. These robot turtles come in four different colors: blue, pink, green, and orange, and each one boasts a personality of its own just based on the drawn details. One turtle has hearts drawn on its shell while another has the classic turtle camouflage look. Surely, each design can match your own child’s personality.

Being a lightweight mini robot pet, the Robo Alive Robo Turtle can easily be carried around by your kid and be taken on many adventures. It won’t have to miss out on any fun when the family goes on trips or visits the park.


We’ve actually listed the ZURU Robo Alive Robo Turtle as one of the best cheap robot pets currently on the market because of its affordable price and value for money.

These robot turtles come in pairs so you get two for the price of one! This also makes it easier for your child to build and complete a robot aquarium at home. Not only that, the Robo Alive Robo Turtle already comes with batteries so that’s savings for you too!

Pros and Cons of the ZURU Robo Alive Robo Turtle

✔️ Affordable
✔️ Comes in pairs
✔️ Swims in 5 difference directions
✔️ Crawls on land
✔️ Comes in 4 different colors
✖️ Can be a choking hazard for young kids
✖️ Lacks advanced features

What People Are Saying About It

The ZURU Robo Alive Robo Turtle may be a simple robot pet but it does not fail to entertain. Let’s see what a happy customer has to say about this robot pet.

“The ZURU Robo Turtle swims and walks like a real turtle. Really cool little packaging, loaded with two batteries so it’s ready to go. Very cool.”


Where to Buy the ZURU Robo Alive Robo Turtle

Zuru Robo Alive Robo Turtle Review

If you’re excited to add a splash of fun to playtime and bath times, then head on to Amazon! Here you will also find a great deal waiting for you.

Zuru Robo Alive Robo Turtle Review

ZURU Robo Alive Robo Turtle

The ZURU Robo Alive Robo Turtle is an adorable and lively robotic pet that promises endless fun!

It swims in five different directions, crawls on land, and comes in four vibrant colors—blue, purple, green, and orange—so you can collect them all and build your own aquatic paradise.

Ready to go with two included batteries, this playful turtle is perfect for bringing joy to bath time and playtime.

Dive into fun with the ZURU Robo Alive Robo Turtle!



The ZURU Robo Alive Robo Turtle is a lively robotic pet that swims in five directions and crawls on land, available in four vibrant colors to collect. Ready to play with included batteries, this adorable turtle brings endless fun to bath time and playtime!

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