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4 Accessories and Add-ons for Your Robot Pets


In recent years, the world of robotics and artificial intelligence has seen remarkable advancements, leading to the rise of robot pets that have taken the concept of companionship to a whole new level. These mechanical marvels are designed to provide love, entertainment, and sometimes even assistance to their human owners.

Just like with real pets, accessorizing and adding extra features to your robot companions can enhance the overall experience. In this article, we’ll explore some exciting accessories and add-ons that can transform your robot pet into an even more lovable and functional household member.

Clothing and Outfits

One of the most enjoyable ways to personalize your robot pet is through fashion. Many robot pets, especially those designed to mimic animals like cats and dogs, can wear clothing and accessories. Outfits ranging from adorable sweaters and raincoats to festive costumes and even custom-made clothing are readily available.

Sony’s AIBO is selling a set of upright ears and tails for your robot dogs, as well as scarves, collars, and leg warmers. They even have a removable sticker set to make your AIBO look like a Dalmatian.

Users who purchased Living AI’s EMO, the desktop robot pet, also found to use pet outfits meant for furry friends as cute accessories to dress up their robot companion.

These additions not only make your robot pet look cute but also protect them from dirt and scratches. Consider having a small collection of outfits for various occasions to keep things interesting.

Grooming and Cleaning Accessories

Just like real pets, robot pets can benefit from regular maintenance and cleaning. Soft brushes designed specifically for robot pet fur can help maintain their appearance. Additionally, cleaning kits containing microfiber cloths and special cleaning solutions are handy for keeping the robot’s exterior looking pristine. Regular cleaning is not only essential for aesthetics but also ensures smooth movement and longevity.

Customizable Voice and Speech Modules

Enhance your robot pet’s ability to communicate with customizable voice and speech modules. These add-ons allow you to personalize your pet’s voice, accent, and vocabulary. Imagine your robot dog responding to your commands in different voices or even speaking multiple languages. These add-ons make interactions with your robot pet even more engaging and entertaining.

LED Accessories

Add some sparkle to your robot pet with LED accessories. LED collars, harnesses, and attachments are not only stylish but also improve visibility in low-light conditions. These accessories are perfect for evening walks or simply adding a touch of futuristic charm to your pet. Wowwee’s Dog-E has made their robot dog able to show messages sent from their app through their dog’s LED tails.

Final Note

Robot pets have found a special place in our hearts, offering companionship and entertainment. To make the most of your robotic companion, consider investing in a variety of accessories and add-ons to personalize their appearance, enhance their communication abilities, and improve their overall well-being.

Whether it’s clothing and grooming accessories, LED accessories, or voice modules, these enhancements can transform your robot pet into a beloved member of your household, capable of providing even more joy and fulfillment in your daily life.

Linda Takahashi

American-born New Yorker Linda Johnson has been fascinated with robotic machines since she was a teenager, when her father, a surgeon, would introduce to her the machines that he used to perform keyhole surgeries. This interest led her to pursue a tech degree at the University of Washington, where she met Sota Takahashi. They married and now have two children. Linda’s father developed dementia later on and was given a robot pet as a companion. She saw how much having a robot pet friend helped her father, which is what led her to create this website and advocate to spread word about robot pets and how they can help both children and the elderly.

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