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Do Any Robot Cats Walk?


Depending on the model of the robotic cat, walking may or may not be a feature. With the option to choose from such features, personal preference and purpose play major roles in deciding if a walking or sitting robotic pet is for you.

Regardless if you prefer one that can walk on its robot legs or one that would cuddle up with you on the couch, these robotic feline friends will give you the fuss-free companionship and joy you yearn for!

For children who are on the active side and would like to have a robot feline companion who can keep up with their energy, the Zoomer Kitty Whiskers the Orange Tabby may be the best robot pet for them. With fun features, tricks, and from its name alone ability to zoom around, the Zoomer Kitty Whiskers the Orange Tabby has all the cattitude kids look for in a robot playmate. Visit the linked review for more details.

While anyone would love to stay cuddled up with their feline friend forever, it is just impossible for a cat to not walk away, let alone sit still on your lap for a good minute, especially when you want it to. With select models, this is not a problem! Ageless Innovation has created a robotic cat you can spend days cuddling up with as it nuzzles its head into your palm when you pet it, feel its “heartbeat” whenever you hug it, enjoy its purring, and be amused by its tail wagging.

Although anyone of any age can definitely enjoy this kind of companionship, we find that these models that stay seated and cuddled up are more ideal for the elderly and aging seniors who are looking for a lifelike robot feline friend that can stay on their laps or simply beside them as they stroke their fuzzy fur.

Whichever model we are talking about, these robotic cats may not be able to precisely walk, run, jump, leap, and move like their live counterparts. They do, however, make up for it in other features that impressively mimic that of a real one considering that they are battery-powered.

What they also lack in lifelike mobility, they make up for in the ease and convenience in terms of care and maintenance, which in all honesty, is already a huge plus!

Since these are robotic cats we are talking about, some models also have advanced features that we can only wish their live counterparts could do. With features such as the ability to sing, do tricks, and play pre-programmed games, there is plenty of interactive fun and joy to have with these robotic feline friends despite mobility limitations.

Speaking of, seeing as how these companion robotic cats are also controlled by you, you need not worry about them ever getting lost or straying away from home. Whether you want to give it a walk or stay beside you, you will be sure to have your companion right where you left it — always safe and sound.

Is There a Robotic Cat?

Yes, there is! In fact, there are plenty of models to choose from. If live pets have varying breeds and personalities, so do robots in the form of models and features.

There are models that are on the lifelike side with synthetic fur for softness and are programmed to mimic some actions like their live counterparts, but there are also models that look more robotlike and have features that are more robotic than they are realistic.

Since robot pets run on batteries and artificial intelligence, they may not precisely behave and move the same as live pets do, but they do have advanced features over their living counterparts depending on the robotic companion you choose. We have created a dedicated guide just for our favorite robotic cats for you to visit and browse through so you can learn more about them.

There are also other robotic pets available in the market. Much like how a household would commonly have a pet dog, there is also a robotic dog counterpart. Thanks to the power of imagination and technology, you can now even choose to own a robotic dinosaur or a robotic unicorn! Something that you can never imagine ever owning as a pet, but now made possible. Like a visit to a pet store, only more futuristic, you can browse through this guide on the best robot pets for more details on other robotic pets.

How Do I Choose the Best Robot Cat?

The love, affection, and joy pets are able to give are immeasurable. They provide a sense of comfort just by their mere company. This was felt even more at the height of the pandemic when a great number of people had to stay indoors. Especially for those who live alone, pets became their number one companion.

Although pets are a joy to have, not everyone can own one. Perhaps it is due to financial reasons and limitations stopping them from owning one since taking care of a pet entails costs and expenses. This can get costly in the long run when you consider all the vet visits, food budget, toys, and unaccounted miscellaneous events and needs.

There are also those who would love to own a pet but because of certain conditions and illnesses, they are unable to do so. This is true in most cases of the elderly who would love the warm company of a pet but may not have the capability to look after one 24/7. Considering patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s, taking care of a pet would be difficult as they may miss out on feeding them.

Sure, there are pets that can be left alone more than others and can fend for themselves better than other animals. This may be one of the reasons why cats are a popular choice of pets. 

Aside from their sassy cattitudes that can be amusing and secretly warm hearts that only their owners have the privilege to feel most of the time, these furry feline friends are known for their independence and for being low maintenance. They also want their own space and alone time, plus they are incredibly smart! However, they still require a lot of time, patience, and attention so they can be properly taken care of. After all, you are looking after another life other than yours. 

For reasons stated above and with this reality that no matter the animal, owners still have the never-ending task of training, feeding, playing, and taking care of the pet day in and day out. 

What happens now if you want to be a pet owner, particularly of a cat, but cannot handle the responsibility? Good news for feline lovers! No different than a live one, a robotic cat is also low maintenance, independent, and can still provide that warm feline companionship. It is the perfect alternative for those who are unable to own and take care of a live cat.

From their features down to their movements, they are almost a shoo-in to their live counterparts with the major advantage of fuss-free companionship and surprise-free costs in care and maintenance.

A visit to the vet will no longer be needed; walking the pet can be done at your convenience and leisure alone; accidents from poor or lack of training will no longer be a problem; painful claw scratches on your arms and legs will be a thing of the past. If all these sound appealing to you, then take it as a sign to have a robotic cat of your own.

Although these robot feline friends of ours run on batteries and artificial intelligence, they are packed with lifelike features that can provide comfort and joy for those who seek it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a robotic cat cost?

Depending on the model and its features, one can cost up to $99.99 but some are priced lower.

Linda Takahashi

American-born New Yorker Linda Johnson has been fascinated with robotic machines since she was a teenager, when her father, a surgeon, would introduce to her the machines that he used to perform keyhole surgeries. This interest led her to pursue a tech degree at the University of Washington, where she met Sota Takahashi. They married and now have two children. Linda’s father developed dementia later on and was given a robot pet as a companion. She saw how much having a robot pet friend helped her father, which is what led her to create this website and advocate to spread word about robot pets and how they can help both children and the elderly.

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