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Veer away from the usual robot dog or cat and give your child an exotic robot pet with the FurReal Friends Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger!

While this is a jungle pet, it’s still super cute and cuddly enough not to scare away kids aged 4 years old and up. Give it a cuddle, have a fun interactive play, or as the name suggests, make roaring sounds with it.

There’s a lot of fun to be had with this robot cub, and we’ll tell you all about it in this review.

About the FurReal Friends Roarin’ Tyler

FurReal Friends Roarin’ Tyler Review
Model NameFurReal Roaring Tyler
Item Model NumberB9071
Robot PetTiger
Weight Specifications4 pounds
Product Dimensions8.5 x 20 x 17.52 inches
Power Supply4 C batteries required
Special FeaturesWalks, Wags tail, Barks, C100+ sound-and-motion combinations
Includes pet chicken toy

Make it roar, give it a cuddle, and let it strike a pose — Tyler the Tiger is one toy that both boys and girls would want to have and play with.

Unlike other plush toys, Tyler was designed to be played with, lived with, and loved. When kids roar or make sounds, it will roar right back. This is made possible because this robot tiger cub is equipped with 100+ sound and motion combinations.

Aside from making noises and sounds, this robot plush can respond whenever you give it its cute chicken play toy.

After all the fun games, kids can snuggle up with the adorable Tyler. Thanks to its soft fur and cute design, this is one cub you can cuddle up with. To commemorate the moment, you can adjust its moveable back legs to make it strike a pose.

Roaring Tyler Benefits

From hours of play to snuggles at night, Tyler will surely be a kid’s new favorite toy companion.

Encourages Interactive Play

Who needs video games when you have interactive toys such as this one?

This robot cub responds to sound and touch with over 100 sound-and-motion combos. If you roar, this robot roars back at you just like real tigers would! Try petting its forehead, muzzle, or back and it will also respond back by making a noise or corresponding movement.

Playing with this toy isn’t limited to simple motion controls. This robot cub can move its ears, eyes, mouth, head, and tail! Sometimes when it lets out a loud roar, it might even reward you with a playful bow.

Soft and Adorable

Real tigers in the jungle may be ferocious and quite scary but this robot cub is far from it! With soft fur, beautiful eyes, and an overall adorable look, this little guy is one toy that you won’t mind your daughter or son snuggling up with day and night. After all the playing, this robot plush toy is ready for some hugs and cuddles. In our opinion, that’s the best way to end the day.

Unique Toy for Kids

Instead of a robot dog that barks, why not gift your kid a robot cub that can roar? This little fellow is indeed a unique toy for both boys and girls.

Aside from the unique choice of having an exotic robot cub as a companion, the features of this toy alone make it one of a kind. From the sound and motion combos to its ability to roar, this is certainly one of the best robot pets to have.

When Did Tyler the Playful Tiger Come Out?

This robot cub was first released in 2017 by Hasbro. It quickly became popular for realistic movements, sounds, and responsive features designed to engage children in imaginative playtime.

What Can the Tyler the Playful Tiger Pet Do?

This robot cub can do multiple things. It can move its eyes, ears, head, and tail. It can also respond to touch and sound with over a hundred sound-and-motion combos. Most of all, this robot cub is best known for its loud but endearing roar and the noises it makes.

How to Work the FurReal Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger?

To power up this robot cub, you will need to purchase 4 C batteries.

How Do You Use Tyler the Tiger?

Engage in playtime, snuggle with it, or strike poses — these are some of the best ways to use and enjoy this robot cub.

Pros and Cons of the FurReal Friends Roarin’ Tyler

✔️ Can move its mouth, ears, eyes, and tail
✔️ Back legs can be moved
✔️ Soft fur
✔️ Has over 100 sound-and-motion combos
✖️ Front legs can’t move
✖️ Must purchase batteries

What People Are Saying About It

We’re not the only ones who are in love with this robot cub. This popular toy boasts plenty of positive reviews and with good reason! Here’s one from a happy customer.

“With lifelike features and motions, Tyler gives kids the thrill of having a real-life tiger right in their playroom. Once kids turn him on, he lets out the most adorable yawn and flashes his mouth full of teeth, crouches down to stretch his body, moves his neck to get those pesky kinks out, and blinks away the sleep from his big, green eyes. With responsive sensors on his forehead, back, and muzzle, Tyler is now ready to play.”


Where to Buy the FurReal Friends Roarin’ Tyler

FurReal Friends Roarin’ Tyler Review

Trust us when we say that this review is not enough to describe the fun and joy Tyler can bring to you and your kids. Experience the exciting but safe jungle experience at home by purchasing this robot cub. With that being said, go to Amazon right now and snag our great deal!

FurReal Friends Roarin’ Tyler

If the usual robot dog or cat is not up your child’s alley, then why not give your kid an exotic alternative instead? The Roaring Tyler is a robot cub that will encourage interactive playtimes, sweet snuggles, and lots of exciting roleplay.

With its 100 sound-and-motion combos and overall cuddly plush, this robot cub has everything your kid would want to have in a robot companion.



The FurReal Friends Roarin’ Tyler is a robot pet like no other. Unique from the usual robot pets, Tyler is first and foremost a tiger to begin with! Give it your best roar and it will roar right back at you — and possibly more because of its 100 sound and motion combinations. Plus, it's soft fur and plush body make it a great cuddle buddy. Certainly, this a robot pet that your kid will love and cherish for a long time!

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Linda Takahashi

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