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A Fourth Robot Has Been Added to the Royal Surrey Hospital to Help Conduct Surgeries


With an increase in demand for surgery, the Royal Surrey Hospital welcomes its fourth surgical robot to reduce the waiting list for such procedures. This new and fourth robot was commissioned by the NHS Foundation Trust.

The surgical robot is equipped with 10x magnified 3D vision that will help surgeons in the hospital perform operations with more precision. With the robot’s steady hands and design, surgeries are also minimally invasive, less painful, and will have less blood loss. Ultimately, this leads to a quicker recovery time for patients but also an easier and much faster operation for surgeons.

With more efficiency and assistance, the hospital can carry out more surgeries each year and accommodate more than 100 extra patients seeking operations. This will even further increase once the appropriate space and manpower are made available at the Royal Surrey Hospital. However, as the hospital is the fourth biggest cancer center in England, Royal Surrey aims to open up a new Cancer and Surgical Innovation Center where the surgical robot will eventually be part of and use its expertise.

A Fourth Robot Has Been Added to the Royal Surrey Hospital to Help Conduct Surgeries

A urologist consultant, Mr. Kirshna Patil, commented on the arrival of the fourth surgical robot. “The need for surgery with minimally invasive technology using a robot has increased. Surgeons are using it in a number of different surgical specialties at Royal Surrey and it will make a difference to a significant number of patients on our waiting lists,”, he said.

He also added, “Certainly in urology, we have a growing number of patients waiting for prostate cancer operations and the recent addition of a fourth robot will help to address this more quickly.”.

A Fourth Robot Has Been Added to the Royal Surrey Hospital to Help Conduct Surgeries

If his comment is any indication of the acceptance of doctors, then we can say that the use of surgical robots in the hospital is indeed a good thing. With that, Deputy Chief Executive, Ross Dunworth, says, “We are really excited to acquire the new robot at Royal Surrey, which will make a positive difference to our patients and enable more of our clinicians to expand their skill set and train the next generation in this growing field.”.

Dunworth also comments how the addition of this fourth new robot in the hospital is all part of their drive and mission to be at the forefront of medical advances and technology.

Sota Takahashi

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