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Agricultural Robots for Clean Energy in Maine Obtains Grants


The Maine Clean Energy Innovation Challenge awarded $250,000 to two businesses in Agusta, Maine. The challenge is a collaborative effort between the Maine Technology Institute and the Governor’s Energy Office.

Robots for Clean Energy

Agricultural Robots for Clean Energy in Maine Obtains Grants

The two awardees are Farmland Automation and Peregrine Turbine Technologies. Farmhand Automation, based in Biddeford, is creating battery-powered agricultural robots to assist farmers in transitioning away from gas and diesel-powered equipment. On the other hand, Peregrine Turbine Technologies in Wiscasset is developing turbine engine technology to store renewable energy from solar and wind and make it available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

According to Democratic Gov. Janet Mills, across Maine, innovative businesses are leading the shift to a sustainable energy future. The governor introduced the Maine Clean Energy Innovation Challenge on Earth Day, with the goal of assisting businesses with products or technologies that enhance renewable energy, decrease carbon emissions, and build Maine’s clean energy economy.

Sota Takahashi

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