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HHOLOVE Introduces O Sitter, the Intelligent Cat Companion Robot, to a Worldwide Audience


HHOLOVE, the innovative smart pet brand committed to enhancing pet care experiences, is unveiling its highly-anticipated smart companion robot for cats, known as O Sitter, on HHOLOVE’s official website, Amazon, and 7sGood.

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in late July, HHOLOVE is now launching its groundbreaking companion robot for cats, O Sitter, to a global audience.

HHOLOVE’s O Sitter is a service robot that introduces a remarkable camera feature that sets it apart from other cat feeders on the market. This addition is particularly valuable for new cat owners who wish to stay updated on their feline friend’s growth and daily activities.

As the realm of pet-related content has witnessed significant growth alongside the expansion of social media in the past decade, videos documenting cats’ daily routines have become a popular medium. This format allows pet owners to conveniently share edited video content with their social circles.

HHOLOVE’s O Sitter excels in facilitating communication with cats. Its two-way audio functionality enables pet parents to connect with their cats at any time, providing comfort and companionship. Additionally, it features a laser pointer for interactive play, addressing both the physical and emotional needs of pets and strengthening the bond between pet and owner.

The increasing number of households with pets underscores the need for digital solutions that enhance pet care. HHOLOVE’s O Sitter serves as a reliable and attentive caretaker, offering cat owners peace of mind, knowing that their beloved companions are well-cared for even in their absence.

HHOLOVE is a forward-thinking smart pet brand dedicated to enhancing the convenience and quality of pet care. Comprising a team of passionate and caring individuals, they are committed to crafting enjoyable digital solutions for pet parents.

HHOLOVE O Sitter stands as the world’s first smart companion robot for cats, offering features such as AI smart life recording, interactive companionship, reliable feeding, and visual monitoring. With O Sitter, you can enjoy a worry-free and fulfilling cat care experience.

HHOLOVE’s dedicated team conducts ongoing research into pet behavior. In their relentless pursuit of digitizing the pet industry, they identified a significant gap in the comprehensive analysis of cat behavior. This gap presented an unprecedented opportunity to introduce a new paradigm in pet companionship, one characterized by a heightened focus on fostering genuine interaction to gain a deeper understanding of cats.

Within HHOLOVE’s headquarters, they have created a haven for pet care, serving as both a daycare facility and the epicenter of innovation during the development of their groundbreaking creation: O Sitter.

Reflecting on the transformative changes within the pet industry that have fueled their inspiration, HHOLOVE’s CEO Hang Chen expressed, “Our latest achievement, O Sitter—a companion robot meticulously designed with cat sensibilities in mind—represents a potential turning point poised to revolutionize human-pet interactions.”

Linda Takahashi

American-born New Yorker Linda Johnson has been fascinated with robotic machines since she was a teenager, when her father, a surgeon, would introduce to her the machines that he used to perform keyhole surgeries. This interest led her to pursue a tech degree at the University of Washington, where she met Sota Takahashi. They married and now have two children. Linda’s father developed dementia later on and was given a robot pet as a companion. She saw how much having a robot pet friend helped her father, which is what led her to create this website and advocate to spread word about robot pets and how they can help both children and the elderly.

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