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Kamigami Bokken Robot Review


We all know how easily younger children get bored with the toys they’re given. No matter how expensive or durable those robots are, when the child decides they have no use for them, then they’re done. As parents or guardians, it can be frustrating to watch these kids discard what used to be their favorite toys.

Robots are also quite expensive. At least, it’s true for robots that are highly interactive and offer multiple features. But even then, it’s inevitable that youngsters start to get used to the same tricks that their robots do and get bored.

But unlike other robots, the Kamigami Robots offer something new to children each time they play. That way, you’ll be able to get the most use out of the robot without your child leaving it on the shelf after just a few days.

Find out what these features are in our full review of the Kamigami Robot below!

About the Kamigami Robot

Model NameBokken Robot
Dimensions2.56 x 11.97 x 7.95 inches
Weight Specifications9.6 ounces
Recommended Age8 years old and above

These robots are STEM robots geared towards teaching younger kids the basics of coding. Unlike other robots that provide minimal interaction and engagement, these toys understand that playtime is a time that is perfect for learning.

The robot is one of the many robots that do this. In fact, right out of the box, you’ll already have to use your brain because the toy doesn’t come assembled. If that sounds like too big a challenge, don’t worry! There’s an app program that you can download, which will give detailed instructions on how you or your child can assemble the toy. 

The program is straightforward and poses just enough of a challenge so that it isn’t boring for you or your younger loved one. Also, there are no tools required. It’s fun, challenging, and incredibly rewarding.

Once you’ve transformed the robot from a bunch of folded plastic pieces into a beautiful green-colored robot insect, you can choose to play games, battle, or race with it through the Kamigami app. There’s no shortage of fun things kids can do with it, and it makes learning about robot engineering a fun experience, too.

Benefits of the Kamigami Bokken Robot

Making learning a fun experience has been a problem that parents face. With the rise of technology, it seems like all children want to do is play an app for hours on end on their phones or iPads. 

But the good news is, playtime doesn’t have to be separate from learning time. That’s what robots like the Kamigami Robots aim to do: maximize play to be the fun, holistic experience it can be and turn it into a formative time where children can learn through creative games.

The Kamigami Robot presents a variety of fun benefits for children ages 8 and up, but here are our favorites:

Build-It-Yourself Robot

The biggest selling point of these robots is the do-it-yourself assembly. Right out of the box, you’re given something fun and fulfilling to do that not many robots can achieve. Robots that try to replicate this feature tend to be a little too hard or too easy, but the Kamigami Robot strikes the perfect balance.

The above picture shows the different parts you’ll need to put together in order to play with the robot. Each one is made of light yet durable plastic. There are 13 pieces for the internal body, colored gray or metallic, and four green-colored pieces that make up the outer shell of the bug.

Some parts are also quite small, which is why the robot is recommended for children ages 8 and above. In the same vein, it’s best to accompany your child while they’re building the robot, as they might come into complications during the process. For example, it can be quite easy to lose a screw or pinch oneself while putting together the different robot pieces. You don’t have to assemble the robot for them, but it’s great to keep watch in case something goes awry. There are also plenty of ways to make the building experience a fun bonding time for you and your child.

We also like that the robot comes with its own app. That way, children are already familiar with how to control their robot since they’re used to playing games on such a device. The app shows detailed instructions on how to assemble the robot correctly on the first try. That said, it’s also a wonderful reminder to young children to have fun even when they’re faced with a challenging task like assembling a robot they’ve just seen.

Indeed, there’s no shortage of lessons to be learned even when you’re having fun during playing time, and this robot is a testament to that.


The robot comes with its own app. You or your child can control the robot’s movements through the app, the same one used to help build the robot. But this time, there’s no hassle – most kids are familiar with how to control the device, so playing with bots through a phone or iPad app will come naturally. 

Depending on the program or games, children can choose to control their robot in battle, racing games, or exploration mode where they can guide the robot as it moves around the room. The Kamigami Robot is also stimulating on its own, thanks to a variety of robot sounds, movements, and light tricks it can do. 

Unlike the majority of robots that come with pre-installed features, Kamigami’s robots can be programmed with fun new releases. According to the manufacturers, the app will constantly be updated with new programs and software to ensure that the fun continues and the children won’t be stuck with only a few options like battle mode or driving mode.

Play Games For Hours With Others

If your child is constantly in need of stimulation, then the Kamigami Robots might be a wonderful avenue for them to have fun and engage their mind at the same time. They can choose to use their robot in battle mode, or driving mode, or simply guide their movements via the app as the robot explores its environment.

We also love that the robot can engage with other Kamigami Robots, like the scorpion robots, praying mantis robots, and ladybug robots. That way, your child can have friends over and they won’t be playing with their robot alone, or their siblings can also enjoy their own DIY robot and battle together. 


One thing we haven’t mentioned yet is the rechargeable battery, which is a huge step up from so many robots that require a new set of batteries once they’re all out of juice. Unlike other robots that need replacement, all you have to do is charge this one whenever it stops mid-battle or you notice the lights going out. It also recharges quite quickly, so your child doesn’t have to be away from their robots for too long.

Fun and Educational Robot for STEM Learning

The final thing that sets this toy apart from other bots is not its battle feature or its ability to roam the room without a hitch. What actually sets it apart from other bots is the quality of learning you get. Not many robots can say they promote STEM learning for children, but brands like this one prioritize unique and creative learning methods alongside fun battle and driving features.

One drawback of small and plastic-based robots like this (and one that other reviews don’t touch upon) is that the robot tends to struggle a little on rough surfaces, like uneven outdoor concrete. However, the robot should do fine indoors and on smooth outdoor terrain.

Pros and Cons of the Kamigami Bokken Robot

✔️ Buildable, no tools required
✔️ Made with durable material
✔️ Well-developed, straightforward app
✔️ Can be played in group setting
✖️ Difficult to operate on rough surfaces

What People Are Saying About It

Is this robot truly worth the purchase? Our team definitely thinks so. It’s affordable, educational, and if positive reviews are anything to go by, an excellent toy to engage children and challenge children. Here’s what others have to say.

“While they’re a little difficult to put together, these unusual robots are fun to play with, especially when you have two or more robots and players.” 

Reviewer – TOM’S GUIDE

Where to Buy Kamigami Robots

Ready to embark on your STEM learning journey? Take a look at the top deals and prices for the Kamigami Bokken Robot over at Amazon.

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Kamigami Bokken Robot

Kamigami Bokken Robot

The Kamigami Bokken Robot is an impressive robot toy that can be easily assembled without the need for any tools. Its construction is made from robust materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

The accompanying app is well-designed and user-friendly, allowing for a seamless and straightforward experience. Whether played individually or in a group, this robot toy offers endless entertainment and interactive possibilities.



Give your children the gift of entertainment and education with the Kamigami Bokken Robot, a sturdy do-it-yourself robot that both young kids and older kids alike can enjoy. The robot can be a challenge but with the right guidance, it becomes a fulfilling task to be able to assemble it right out of the box. Apart from that, this toy provides endless fun and even more games when played alongside other Kamigami Robots.

Total Rating

Sota Takahashi

Sota Takahashi is a Japanese-born electrical engineer. At the age of 18, he moved to Seattle and completed his Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Washington, Seattle. Being a fan of all things tech, he channels his geeky side through this website, and with his wife Linda, shares knowledge about robot pets and how they can be lifelong and advantageous companions for both children and the elderly.

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