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The Future of Food in Frisco: Robots Making Pizza


Red Mango and Pizza Jukebox have teamed up to open a new and unique café where robots and AI make pizzas for hungry customers. A ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 13 was held at the Walmart in Frisco where the first location of this one-of-a-kind culinary experience is situated in.

Employing the AI-powered automated robot was a step made by the CEO of BRIX Holdings, Sherif Mityas, to take AI to the next level, and believes that this move is “a step into the future of culinary innovation.”.

Aside from the added novelty and entertainment the robot brings to the table, it also helps with productivity. The robot can approximately take five minutes to make pizza leaving human employees to focus on other tasks like engaging with customers.

“Who wants to just put sauce and cheese on a pizza all day? Let the robot do that. We get our team members to do more fun things,” says Mityas.

If pizza is not up your alley, then you can also order all-natural frozen yogurt. The robot will gladly serve that up and more for you! Certainly, these are just one of the many tasks that service robots can do to help us with our work. This just makes us wonder even further what else can the future of food be with all the new advancements in robotics and AI.

Linda Takahashi

American-born New Yorker Linda Johnson has been fascinated with robotic machines since she was a teenager, when her father, a surgeon, would introduce to her the machines that he used to perform keyhole surgeries. This interest led her to pursue a tech degree at the University of Washington, where she met Sota Takahashi. They married and now have two children. Linda’s father developed dementia later on and was given a robot pet as a companion. She saw how much having a robot pet friend helped her father, which is what led her to create this website and advocate to spread word about robot pets and how they can help both children and the elderly.

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