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Robot vacuums have come a long way since they were first invented. Year after year, robot vacuums have evolved — from having only basic features to now being equipped with top-of-the-line technology and even AI capabilities.

With all the tinkering and upgrades, robot vacuums may now be categorized into three different types depending on their main distinguishing feature. In this article, we will be differentiating the three types of robot vacuums as this might help you determine the best one for you.

Robot Vacuums

3 Types of Robot Vacuums

Most robot vacuums would fall under this type of category as this is the most common one. The main distinguishing feature of this type of robot vacuum is the general ability to clean by sweeping and vacuuming using brushes or an air-driven turbine.

However, unlike the traditional vacuum cleaner, robot vacuums make use of smart technology to help with their navigation and mapping systems.

Hybrid Robot Vacuums

3 Types of Robot Vacuums

The main distinguishing feature of hybrid robot vacuums is that they can mop and vacuum simultaneously. Hybrid robot vacuums are ideal for homeowners who would like to remove coarse dirt from their floors via vacuuming and mopping.

This type of robot vacuum is ideal for floor tiles and hard floors, but do make sure that the water or cleaning agent solution used is clean to avoid any damage.

Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuums

3 Types of Robot Vacuums

The third type of robot vacuum is the self-cleaning or self-emptying model. These types of robot vacuums come with a base or dock that will automatically remove the dust, dirt, or debris picked up from the cleaning session. The base will self-clean or self-empty the robot vacuum using a suction that is connected to a dust bag.

Due to this feature, robot vacuums of this type are often priced more expensive. However, the self-cleaning function is indeed handy, especially if you highly value automated convenience.

Final Word

3 Types of Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums can be classified further depending on their main distinguishing feature. Regardless of which type of robot vacuum you choose, there’s bound to be one that will fit your needs and requirements to keep the floors of your home clean and dust-free!

Sota Takahashi

Sota Takahashi is a Japanese-born electrical engineer. At the age of 18, he moved to Seattle and completed his Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Washington, Seattle. Being a fan of all things tech, he channels his geeky side through this website, and with his wife Linda, shares knowledge about robot pets and how they can be lifelong and advantageous companions for both children and the elderly.

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