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Korea Seven to Market Delivery Robots in Collaboration with Robot Developer


The South Korean operator of the worldwide convenience store brand 7-Eleven, Korea Seven, has collaborated with Neubility, a local autonomous robot business. They intend to adapt and commercialize short-range delivery services with autonomous robots outfitted with several cameras and sensors.

Korea Seven and Neubility Collaboration

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On August 26, Korea Seven announced the signing of a collaboration deal with Neubility to market Neubie, an autonomous robot, in Seoul and its neighboring cities by the end of 2021. The cameras used by the robots cost one-tenth the price of the light detection and ranging (LiDAR) system.

It is difficult for autonomous robots to function in Seoul’s southern area of Gangnam, which is densely packed with buildings. Because massive skyscrapers obstruct satellite signals, their GPS-based self-driving technology may not function effectively. Neubie robots, on the other hand, can avoid obstacles and travel to their goal using cameras and sensors.

Neubie robots can effortlessly complete delivery tasks in difficult metropolitan environments, regardless of weather conditions.

The Market for Delivery Robots

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According to data supplied by the Fair Trade Commission, a state trade watchdog, the domestic delivery food services industry has reached 23 trillion won or $19.8 billion in 2020. In 2019, Yogiyo, a famous domestic meal delivery service app, started a grocery delivery service to supply items from convenience stores such as CU and GS25. Delivery companies are paid roughly 4,100 won ($3.51) for every delivery run.

These autonomous delivery robots, when finally commercialized, can assist store owners in lowering their operational expenses.

Choi Kyung-ho, the CEO of 7-Eleven in South Korea, has stated that the two firms will collaborate to establish a model for next-generation delivery service that delivers convenience to store management as well as greater revenues.

Sota Takahashi

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