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After a Successful Mining Rescue Mission, Australian Droid and Robot Plans on Expanding


Brisbane-based robotics company, Australian Droid and Robot has made a name for themselves after conducting a successful mining rescue in Tennessee two years ago. The mining disaster was deemed as too dangerous to send in workers and other humans to survey the damage and conduct rescues but the company’s robots were up to the task.

As per co-founder Matthew Allan, NASA and almost everybody else possible was contacted to help with the rescue mission but only Australian Droid and Robot had the capabilities to be deployed and execute the plans. The company sent 10 robots to the limestone mine and went 1.7 kilometers underground to scan and inspect its entire geometry.

Such a feat was the world’s first and it was successfully ran thanks to ADR’s robots that had a universal platform containing gas sensors, LIDAR systems, robotic arms, and high-quality pan tilt zoom cameras.

After a Successful Mining Rescue, Australian Droid and Robot Plans on Expanding

As if that was not an impressive accomplishment as it is, Australian Droid and Robot was only a 3-year-old company at the time and only had 10 employees. Knowing that they can achieve such may have pushed the robotics company to expand in the coming year.

Australian Droid and Robot aims to make 20 robots in 2024, each worth half a million dollars. The company is now also setting goals that go beyond the world, as they plan on expanding their robot services to explore the Moon and Mars.

With a company like Australian Droid and Robot, the world of robotics surely has a bright future ahead of it. One cannot help but imagine how else robots can help humans and various industries progress.

Linda Takahashi

American-born New Yorker Linda Johnson has been fascinated with robotic machines since she was a teenager, when her father, a surgeon, would introduce to her the machines that he used to perform keyhole surgeries. This interest led her to pursue a tech degree at the University of Washington, where she met Sota Takahashi. They married and now have two children. Linda’s father developed dementia later on and was given a robot pet as a companion. She saw how much having a robot pet friend helped her father, which is what led her to create this website and advocate to spread word about robot pets and how they can help both children and the elderly.

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