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How Do Robot Vacuums Clean Corners?


Generally speaking, robot vacuums come in different shapes and sizes but the most common design used by manufacturers is a circular shape. This leads to people wondering how robot vacuums clean corners given that most models have rounded edges.

While a robot vacuum cleaner gives convenience as it automatically cleans a room for us, you might see that the space between the floor and walls may still have a bit of dust or dirt left. That’s because cleaning corners is a slight limitation of what robot vacuums, even the more expensive models, can do.

However, that is not to say that robot vacuum cleaners are completely incapable of cleaning corners as some models can get this job done thanks to some features and functions. Read on to find out how to do robot vacuums clean corners!

How Do Round Robot Vacuum Cleaners Get Into Corners?

Circular robot vacuums can clean corners by using side bristles. The side bristles can extend beyond the circumference of the robot vacuum and reach out to clean corners. The tip of the side bristles will pull in the dust and dirt from the corners until the robot’s primary brush can vacuum it from the floor leading straight to its dust bin.

However, the tips of the side bristles of a robot vacuum may not always be able to reach the corners all the way. The longer the side bristles, the weaker the tip of the robot vacuum may be so it cannot pull all the dirt from the corners effectively.

For this reason, the best robot vacuum that can take on the job of cleaning corners is one whose side bristles are in perfect length starting from the tip up until the edges of your room’s corner. Take this into consideration along with other factors before buying a robot vacuum if you want your model to be able to clean corners effectively.

One robot vacuum that falls under this category is the well-known iRobot Roomba. Most robot vacuums of the iRobot Roomba line are circular but thanks to their side bristles, they are still equipped to clean corners and do a pretty neat job at it. Thanks to other features of the iRobot Roomba robot vacuums like the patented 3-stage cleaning system, powerful suction, and dual brushes, cleaning debris from corners and more are easily accomplished.

Ultimately, to answer the question of how do robot vacuums clean corners when they are circular, it is primarily with the use of side bristles. While these circular cleaning robots may try their best to clean corners, their reach will still be limited due to factors beyond their control such as distance, shape, and size. To help counteract this, it’s best to go for a model with added features and technology it can do more than just clean a corner.

How Do D-Shape Robot Vacuums Clean Corners?

Robot vacuums that are D-shaped in design have the upper hand when it comes to reaching corners more accurately thanks to their 90-degree angle design. D-shape robot vacuums can fit into corners all the way and fit themselves as much as they can by bumping the edge.

Although a D-shape robot vacuum will keep bumping itself in the corner, it will not leave any damage as it will be careful in mapping, navigating, and cleaning. However, you will still need to be careful if there is constant bumping as a consistent force in one spot may result in scuffs and scratches in the long run.

While D-shape robot vacuums can reach corners more accurately, models without a side bristle will not be that efficient in cleaning corners. They will tend to leave a few corners that are above the floor uncleaned.

One model that can impressively clean corners thanks to its D-shape design and side bristle is the iRobot Roomba S9+. When it comes to cleaning corners, the iRobot Roomba S9+ D-shaped design helps it fit into corners perfectly and the side bristle will be able to sweep any dust within its reach.

The Roomba S9+ also has PerfectEdge technology with advanced sensors so it is specifically designed with a corner brush and dual multi-surface rubber brushes so it can clean corners deeply. It also does more than clean corners as the Rooma S9+ can be paired with the Braava jet m6 Robot Mop so it can sweep up any residue from the floor.

It also conveniently empties its bin and has a long battery life so you are assured that it can clean corners and more at home, making it the best robot vacuum for the job.

Final Note

How Do Robot Vacuums Clean Corners?

How do robot vacuums clean corners? Primarily due to their side bristle and design. However, even the best robot vacuum in the market may be limited in its performance when cleaning corners – but this should not hinder you from investing in one if you prioritize effortless cleaning at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Robot Vacuums Clean Corners?

Why does my Roomba get stuck in a corner?

A Roomba robot may get stuck in a corner due to obstacles, objects, or furniture that are blocking its way. To avoid this from happening whenever your Roomba robot vacuums clean corners, make sure that the path is clear and there is ample space for them to move.

How does a Roomba clean certain areas?

iRobot robot vacuums clean corners and certain areas using Smart Mapping technology. This helps them learn, map, and adapt the layout of the home and floor plan so they can remember which areas they should be cleaning.

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