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Do Robot Vacuums Reduce Maintenance Cost?


Given the technology and parts used by robot vacuums, these smart cleaning devices are often more expensive than traditional vacuums. However, with all the benefits and convenience that robotic vacuum cleaners give, those who buy these smart devices will say that it’s well worth the investment.

One may ask though, is the expense a one-time thing upon purchase or do you need to shell out more money for maintenance costs of robotic vacuums? In this article, we will find out if purchasing these smart cleaning devices will save you money in the long run or not.

Do Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Save Money?

Do Robot Vacuums Reduce Maintenance Cost?

Compared to traditional vacuums, robotic vacuums often cost more in terms of the standard retail price and possibly repairs due to the technology used. However, it will save you money if you compare it to hiring a housekeeper to regularly clean your house. In that sense, robotic vacuums can be economical and efficient if you want to keep your floor clean from any mess regularly.

Robotic vacuums also use less electricity per unit of time so they are essentially “energy-saving” smart devices. However, a study by Yale researchers discovered that the regular use of these smart devices can rack up the electric bill over time. The study revealed that due to the increased standards of cleanliness, users of these smart vacuums will allow these devices to run and keep cleaning minimal messes such as pet hair or dust as compared to running the traditional vacuum cleaner sparingly.

In that sense, robot vacuums require more energy than usual and would ultimately end up costing you more money. This is also the usual case when you live in a smart home or if you have other smart home appliances simultaneously running.

However, regarding maintenance costs, these smart home vacuums help reduce your expenses over time. Some models can have reusable bags, washable filters, and smart home-compatible features that can help reduce maintenance costs overall. Some models have hybrid features that will give you two or more appliances for the price of one smart home cleaner. There are even models that come with security cameras!

Are Robotic Vacuums Worth the Investment?

Do Robot Vacuums Reduce Maintenance Cost?

If you want to get the daily chore of keeping floors and even dirt from under the bed clean, then smart home vacuums are worth the investment.

This smart home device will free up your time as you tend to other chores, and can also guarantee you a clean living area for when you arrive home from work or travel.

These devices are also worth it especially if you have pets at home or tend to suffer from allergies. With filters and even functions designed specifically for pet owners, you are assured that no dust will be spared, may it be under your bed or even in corners.

Some models are mobile app and voice tech compatible, which makes it much easier to control and command robovacs to clean and create schedules. The convenience that they will bring you is put at a premium with this feature as with a few clicks, you can activate them to start even while you are away from home.

If you live in a small space or apartment, robovacs will not take up much shelf space or storage. Given their small size, they can easily be stored. Similarly, keeping them clean is easy as you can do so with just a few wipes using a clean cloth.

Final Note

Do Robot Vacuums Reduce Maintenance Cost?

While robovacs are indeed quite expensive, they do help in minimizing maintenance costs in the bigger picture of things. Thanks to their benefits, features, and tech used, one can say that price of robovacs is well worth it. If you’re still on the fence if you should buy one, then check out our article on who can benefit from robot vacuums.

On the other hand, if you have decided on investing in these smart home appliances, then here’s our list of the best robot vacuums that you could choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Robot Vacuums Reduce Maintenance Cost?

Which robotic vacuum requires the least maintenance?

All robovacs will require maintenance. The amount of care and maintenance needed will depend on how often you use the model and the degree to which you use it. Here’s a guide on how to make your model last long.

What is the disadvantage of a robotic vacuum?

While disadvantages can be subjective, one of the main cons of a robovac is its inability to deep-cleaning rugs and carpets. When a rug or carpet is too thick, a robovac may find it difficult to suck out all the dirt and dust from it. Although there are models that have features to help with this, you will still need a traditional vac cleaner if you want an efficient job done.

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